Trampier's Tips: Iron Player Bonus

Greetings warriors, and welcome to Trampier's Tips; the series where I, Lord Trampier, provide a bit of extra information about the various features in Final War: 5 Dragons. While the game is pretty self-explanatory, I figured you could use some expert tips on how to fight your battles better and rack up those victories. There are a lot of features in the game, so these posts should clarify things for you. I'll be talking about what free things you can get, different strategies to help you when playing battles, and whatever else takes my fancy. Be sure to stay up to date with my posts and you will be an expert at the game in no time!


Today we're talking about the Iron Player Bonus. Every day that you log in to Final War: 5 Dragons you get a bonus gift from us straight to you, no questions asked or strings attached. If you log in on consecutive days then the bonuses improve. Pretty straight forward, right?

You'll start off getting 500 gold pieces for the first day you log in. If you miss a day your Iron Player bonus will be reset, and you'll go back to day 1 and get 500 gold pieces.

If you log in for 2 consecutive days, the Iron Player Bonus becomes a free random 1 star card. If you log in for 3 days in a row you get some extra stamina. See how it works?

With the Iron Player Bonus you can receive up to 5,000 gold pieces, random 2 and 3 star cards, Diamonds, and even crafting boosts. It's worth your while to log in daily to see what you get!